Welcome to the cyberworld of Jonathan Coleman! That’s right, there’s no law that stops me from having my own site. So get tapping and have a look around. There’s old stuff, new stuff and just stuff and it’s all real!

Please enjoy the site and any comments can be emailed to jono@jonocoleman.com

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October 2015

Jono gets a website makeover ....don't you think the site looks great !!!.....Click here

October 2015

You can listen to me on iHeart Radio just click here .......its all about the...

October 2015

Jono re-issues his Polka album out now on Blue Pie Records. Click here to get...

October 2015

The things you find on the internet. My very own WIKI page. Check it out...

January 2015

Please check out the shop to either download one of the greatest albums of all time...